This GPS tracker features a new 4G  module which allows the GPS tracker to receive and transmit data in  4G and GPRS network areas. This means it has a distinctive edge over those tracking units which relied solely on a GPRS network. GPS trackers that can only operate with a GPRS network (2G – 2.5G) would stop live tracking and turn into data loggers. Only once back in reception area would they permit access to all the logged data.  This new  4G GPS tracker can now track and send live data from  4G and GPRS network areas.

The M33 features over speeding, trip stops, graphical display of routes taken and stops made, work hours and service interval notifications plus many more.  All reports of daily or weekly activities are printable.

The M33 uses more satellites for co-ordinate accuracy. This also means that this GPS and GLONASS module can recover data much faster after the tracker has lost signal/transmission data after entering a tunnel for instance or after exiting underground parking.

The new M33  4G GPS tracker has improved data speed . It also features a large internal Flash memory of 16MB which allows for up to 100350 records or data to be stored. Using standard configuration, this equals up to 120 days storage capability.