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Fleet Management

Increase fleet efficiency with state-of-the-art tech intelligence


Fleet Management


Cutting Edge Technology

One platform for all industries with high performance 4G and 5G GPS trackers to streamline work processes


Cutting Edge Technology


Transport Logistics

Monitor location and utilization of movable or stationary assets and avoid breakdowns and downtimes


Transport Logistics


Construction And Heavy Equipment

Install driver ID to allow only authorized access to machinery and manage work time processing


Construction And Heavy Equipment

GPS Solutions

 How 4G & 5G  GPS trackers and cutting-edge telemetry tracking platforms

generate intelligent data that gives you real-time visibility, lets you monitor your fleet and assets and allows you to streamline the workflow and safety of machines, assets and work teams.


High-End Tracking Platform & Mobile APP

Our new tracking platform allows you to easily retrieve the data you need for route planning, field team work hours, planning and billing. You can receive push notifications to your mobile and so can the field personnel. Receive instant email or push notification alerts for efficient monitoring.

enhance visibility of field operations
gps solutions for oil and gas, fuel monitor, alerts and warnings falling fuel levels


Fleet Management Features

Flawless work flow, optimized and streamlined fleet use resulting in safety for drivers, preservation of fleet machines and vehicles. Help with work hour calculations and expenditures with clear on-screen graphics and visuals and printable reports for your files and analysis.


Logistics & Transport Solutions

Work – Rest – Shift Change of drivers is paramount to driver and traffic safety and is enforced by law. GPS tracking units give alerts when shift changes need to occur by sending push notification alerts to the drivers and to office admin. Real-time monitoring and alert notifications help stick to regulations and safeguard your business and your personnel.


Field Team Solutions

Manage your field personnel - easily view and evaluate the performance of your field operators, and respond accordingly to boost productivity and increase revenue. Get clear visual graphics on all important data such as the number of new contracts, completed jobs, customer ratings and more for any mobile field worker or even for a whole department.


Mobile Workforce Management

Enable an IN-APP CHAT function which replaces phone calls and messaging by using a chat platform. This is instant communication with smartphone APP and questions can be immediately answered or any disputes set aside. Conversations through the app-chat are securely stored in the APP. Conversations receive read receipts when delivered and read and for driver safety instant messages through this IN-APP CHAT can be read aloud.

gps heavy machinery solutions, machine access control, driver ID


Machine Access & Asset Recovery

The smart GPS tracking units will ensure that machine locations, trips, motor hours, trip duration, trip stops, work hours and all other programmed parameters will be logged automatically. Instant email or push notification alerts for intrusion, unauthorized access or machine theft.