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Comprehensive GPS Asset Tracking

Solutions for asset tracking have advanced rapidly. Not only do you get real-time geo-location of your assets, you can now receive tracking data on parameters such as engine hours, odometer readings, analysis of temperature and humidity conditions, OBDII and CAN bus data,  and most important alerts on asset status at any given time such as alerts of opening and closing doors for containers for instance.

asset tracking, geo fencing, gps asset trackers

You can now act fast on the safety and security of your assets. Set a geo-fence with notification alerts straight to your smartphone. Receive push notifications when your asset moves, gets tampered with or moves out of the set geo-fence perimeter. Real-time data and street view allows you to ensure that your assets are in fact in their safety zone.

gps telemetry, fleet safety, access control

Set push notification alerts on important factors such as:

  • Temperature change
  • Change in set route
  • Break & enter
  • Tow away detect
  • Geo-fence violation
  • SOS alarming
  • Door alarms

Sophisticated Machine 2 Machine commands via M2M data SIM + GPS tracking devices + high end platform access have just increased the safety for your assets and  peace of mind and control for you.

Real-Time GPS Location

Read Engine Hours

High-End M2M Data SIM

Odometer Data

OBD2 And CAN Data

Battery Life Status