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Make Your Field Operations More Transparent

Improve your field service efficiency with higher visibility  and real-time data for all transactions from order to dispatch to delivery and signature of receipt of goods.
GPS data and digital visuals of your mobile workers’ location  give you access to better plan the runs and routes and to generate run reports for the individual worker.
This gives you control of the current run status at any given time and you can easily locate and allocate available drivers for the next urgent job assignment.

Arrival at destination with live check-ins lets you monitor timely deliveries and driver performance.  This gives peace of mind that the process has been successfully concluded.
You can set up mobile forms which can be reviewed online as soon as they have been completed. This facilitates the process of too much paperwork, gives good oversight over all processes, improves the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve most efficient workflows, routine operations can be automated. Augment your field service efficiency with improved transparency and real-time data.
Allocate job sequences based on location, required skills and current availability of your field worker. You can import tasks from files and applications.

Utilize your field worker’s smartphone and turn it into a personal organizer. Power it with clear directions, tasks, comments and documents. These facilitations not only cut your expenditures but streamline work allocations and runs and increase efficiency and revenue.

The feature of automatic route optimization lets you work out the fastest and most efficient routes across the daily tasks. This allows your employees to spend less time behind the wheel and more time with customers. Customer excellence and service satisfaction can never be overrated.
Analysis of specific metrics that allow to calculate actual working hours and accurate payroll result in decreased overhead expenses, lower fleet costs, optimized planning of routes with better fuel monitoring and management.

Save paper and set up digital forms for your field team for their day-to-day operations. Easy to fill in forms in digital format, online data transferred with a few clicks and readily available for the office and admin staff. Set up and send this way all documents and attachments and customer proof of delivery signatures when receiving consignments or for orders signed. Share comments and feedback so that you can take instant action if required.

smart communication, in app chat, gps smart communicationEnable an IN-APP CHAT function which replaces phone calls and messaging by using a chat platform. This is instant communication with smartphone APP and questions can be immediately answered or any disputes set aside. Conversations through the app-chat are securely stored in the APP. Conversations receive read receipts  when delivered and read and for driver safety instant messages through this IN-APP CHAT can be read aloud.

For on the spot order management, take orders on site and send the orders digitally back to the office. Time-saving processes like these avoid having to re-enter data multiple times and turnaround times will decrease. Customers will be pleased to see faster turnaround times and much improved delivery outcomes. Even customer satisfaction can be measured with the help of mobile forms. Customer satisfaction results in customer retention and increased sales and business activity.

You can analyze all date recorded and issue reports on all important workflow factors in seconds. Get visual graphs of performance, customer visits, delivery times, expenses, work times etc.

You are in control and you can easily view and evaluate the performance of your field operators, and respond accordingly to boost productivity and increase revenue. Get clear indications of
parameters such as the number of new contracts and completed jobs, customer ratings, etc. for any mobile field worker or even for the whole department.

For payroll purposes you can log trip times, work hours and activity. You can analyse location and time slots, obtain kilometers driven and other expenses logged. Having access to this data helps with processing of payments and calculation of expenses and compensation.

The data collecting GPS tracker relays this data onto the telemetry platform which supplies you clear visual graphics and charts and coloured tables so that you can analyze business processes, improve planning and forecasts, identify points of improvement and correct any misalignments in the operations of your mobile work fleet.

Smart Communications

Savings on Overheads & Expenses

Exact Location & Work Status

E-Sign And No Paperwork

Proof of Check-In & Proof of Delivery