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Customized GPS Performance For Mining, Oil & Gas Companies

GPS data and high end telemetry platforms give you a reading at a glance as to where your machines and equipment are located. Location precision can be of utmost importance for surveillance of drill sites and for equipment fleet. For companies who keep their sites out of public view and who have therefore no correct mapping details there is an option to integrate your company internal mapping layouts onto the system. This will supply you with the location visibility and tracker data that you are looking for.

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Furthermore, you can import all of your facilities (stationary and moveable assets) onto the same map and so connect your facilities all together; now you can monitor all of your assets, machines, work vehicles, wells and drills on the one tracking map. You now have all data available at a glance which gives you control and insight into the work processes on your various locations – you can easily compare and analyze and then change certain practices and work runs for highest efficiency and cost saving.

Equipping machines and equipment with sensors enhances the functionality of the GPS tracking unit and the output of the selected data. Installed sensors in conjunction with the GPS unit, monitor and scan for the set parameters in regular intervals.  The data compiled by the GPS tracking system can be easily exported to integrated third party applications for analysis and processing purposes.

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You have your equipment protected as you will receive instant notification when any of the setups change (geo fence, machine access, machine removal, fuel loss, temperature change, etc). Alerts of any unusual incidents give you the tool to respond without delay and to prevent serious loss or damage.

The application of SOS emergency buttons safeguard personnel in remote areas, field workers, staff and your equipment. Preventing disasters requires fast response in emergency situations.

Real-time Machine Location

Integrate Site Mapping

Equipment Protection

SOS Panic Buttons

Connect All Into One

Sensors For Superior Surveillance