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Transportation And Logistics

GPS trackers and telemetry platform combined with light sensors, security cameras and safety padlocks ensure that your fleet vehicles and their cargo are monitored, supervised and protected. Real-time display of every set parameter status, visualized with brilliant colourful and easy-to-interpret online graphics. Printable reports of events and status also for insurance purposes and re-construction of events.

GPS anti-theft measures, gps real-time monitoring, fuel frauds uncovered

Fuel consumption can be a big issue and often fleet owners do wish to monitor fuel levels and sudden fuel level changes for safety and for fuel use optimization. The connection of fuel sensors and clearly presented calibration tables will produce the excellent graphic readings on fuel levels and analysis on fill and drain. Push notifications to smartphone APP or email  inform you instantly when fuel levels change drastically. These readings allow to match fuel use to drivers and facilitate billings by admin.

The feature of automatic route planning optimizes driving and delivery times by setting most convenient route. Your GPS tracking platform tunes into upcoming traffic jams and road blocks and automatically chooses the most optimal route deviation to avoid delays. Admin staff can get notified of changed routes and ETA by push notification to APP or email.

Monitor your fleet digitally, receive push notifications to APP, plan fastest routes

Safeguard sensitive cargo from being damaged by installing temperature sensors to check for temperature deviations and humidity. Also fall detection sensors can be utilized to alert of any incidents that are out of programmed range. Being able to demonstrate that cargo was not harmed or affected during transport. This can instill confidence for clients using your transport facility for peace of mind. Push notifications to drivers and office admin can avert costly damage.

Work – Rest – Shift Change of drivers is paramount to driver and traffic safety and is enforced by law. GPS tracking units give alerts when shift changes need to occur by sending push notification alerts to the drivers and to office admin. Real-time monitoring and alert notifications help stick to regulations and safeguard your business and your personnel.

Protect Vehicles And Cargo

Temperature Control For Cargo

Prevent Fuel Loss

Monitor Axle Load For Safety

Maximize Tax Returns

Comply With Shift Changes