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Cost-Effective GPS Solutions For Passenger Transport

Today, smart GPS trackers have vastly improved in performance and the way they can assist you most efficiently to save you costs. Due to their range of capabilities these 4G 5G smart trackers assist to make passenger transporting vehicles more cost-effective and safe.
Make your transport comply with environmental regulations and guarantee passenger safety. Target excellent driver behaviour and avoid over-speeding and other traffic violations. Drivers and fleet operators can receive push notification alerts when passengers omit to fasten their seat belts and so assist to avoid fines or even injuries.

Implementing Driver ID and driver journal gives you information which driver is using the vehicle and when shift changes take place. You can run reports by driver and make precise payroll calculations.

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Enhance your passenger transport vehicle safety by receiving real-time data analysis and alerts for your fleet.
Get GPS assistance to keep your buses and passenger transport vehicles roadworthy.  Schedule service plans for your transport vehicles based on usage and avoid downtime or breakdowns. Monitor fuel consumption to eliminate drains and idling. Get the best insurance rates and avoid road accidents through traffic safety and driver journal.

Use automatic route planning for a no-delay target of all stations. Allows to avoid traffic jams, and bottle neck situations which can be vital for group transfers to time sensitive destinations such as airport departures or pickups. You can always stay on top of Expected Time of Arrivals by getting status alerts via email or push notifications on the APP if route deviations needed to be taken or if drivers run behind schedule.  Top this off with a birds eye view of your entire fleet to locate and manage your run allocations.

Anti-Theft Protection

Lower Your Insurance Rates

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Safety And Compliance

Driver ID - Track Shift Changes

Automatic Passenger Counter