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Smart Agriculture And Farming  With GPS

Evolved tech advances can assist to farm smarter by using GPS technology that collects and analyzes data, allowing for better allocation of resources.

GPS and integrated GIS help with precision plowing, planting, fertilizing and watering. This technology also assists with mapping of fields and harvesting. Work processes can be streamlined and save valuable resources which, in turn, will keep costs and overheads down and increase profits for the farmer. With the addition of sensors the yield of the crop can be measured and analyzed, compared and processes improved in the coming harvest year.



In addition,  GPS helps with monitor the location of your livestock. Keep control of sheep, cattle or horses with real-time GPS tracking. GPS allows to set geo-fences for your livestock and instant notification when animals leave or get removed from the fenced area.
Receive instant notification to your smartphone or via email in case of theft of farm equipment or machinery. Being able to act swiftly will assist to recover stolen or lost assets. Stay in control and know the location of your assets for any  given period of time. Having this data lets you reconstruct events later; use a time machine to reconstruct the events and locations.


GPS also assists with self-driving farm machinery. Self-driving machines save costs and can be monitored by GPS with integrated technology.  You can observe the machine and receive push notifications if the machine runs off track or has any other failures. You can check the status in real time and take appropriate action in case of malfunction or emergency.

Electronic storage: When you integrate powerful GPS trackers and a hi-tech platform with other APPS through REST API  you gain big insight through analysis of the data collected.  And all of the data stays in the one digital place for comparison, analysis and improvement of work flow processes.

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