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Tailored GPS Data For Construction And Heavy Equipment

Every business is unique and every scenario is different:  a machine hire company wants to collect data on billable days and work hours, a construction company focuses on optimized machine use and wishes to allocate certain drivers to particular machines, a fleet truck owner wants to implement a scheduled maintenance and servicing plan….

We program the smart tracker so that it focuses and reads all the data that is of  importance for you, for your analysis, reporting, billing and streamlining of machine work processes.

GPS trackers can help to monitor the productivity by engine hours, ensure the machine stays on the job site, reports on the work status for any period chosen, or helps prevent unnecessary machine idling.

Driver ID setups prevent  unauthorized  use of your machines. Furthermore, analysis of driver use and work hours facilitate the billing and payment processes for your administration. Your machines can be protected from misuse or event theft.

Setting in place fuel monitoring data helps you analyze unusual loss of fuel or fuel theft. Use fuel sensors so that you can monitoring machine tanks remotely
and make sure it has enough fuel. You can receive instant push notifications to your smartphone APP to alert you of any unusual drops in fuel levels in your machine.

Enable SOS monitoring and you can have alerts for falls and for smoke enabled and instant notifications will allow you to respond without delay to any such emergencies.

The smart GPS tracking units will ensure that machine locations, trips, motor hours, trip duration, trip stops, work hours and all other programmed parameters will be logged automatically. The tracking platform will put it in nice graphical display for you on screen or on your mobile APP and you can check on that data at any time for any chosen period and create reports in right on the spot. All reports can be saved in PDF or Xcel formats.

Receive Notification of Service Jobs

Preventive Alert Notifications

Driver ID - Authorized Access Control

Application of Detection Tags

Prevent Costs And Breakdowns

SOS Button Integration