This portable GPS tracker  features a large and visible SOS button that, when pressed triggers the GPS SOS alarm. The button is protected and grooved to avoid accidental pressing of the GPS security alarm button. Once the alarm is pressed, a 24/7 security monitoring centre is alarmed and depending on the situation, will inform authorities like police, ambulance or a security guard.

Calls to 000 usually require identification and verification (who is calling, what is your location, nearest crossroad, etc)as these services get inundated with calls or often receive prank calls. Also, triple O service (OOO) can only be contacted by phone. Some critical situations do not allow for a phone call.


Our portable GPS tracker H3000 is triggered silently and allows to pin point the location of where the alarm was triggered from up to 5m precision. Help can be dispatched without any undue delay. GPS alarm for field personnel, people in care or for safety and security purposes. Continuous monitoring and help just a push of a button away!