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GPS Fleet Management

Safe eco driving whilst under pressure to deliver cargo from point A to point B, required refresh stops, avoiding traffic fines and harsh driving is at times a challenge which can be monitored by GPS trackers – programming the required parameters will give you precise readings and flow of events of driver conduct. Irregularities or missed parameters such as a shift change on long routes for instance can be notified via push notification to the driver and/or to the office and administration for action. Data readings and analysis can be selected for any period of time. Excessive idling is another parameter which can be set to monitor and preserve engine life, fuel consumption and unnecessary emissions.

Fuel consumption can be a big issue and often fleet owners do wish to monitor fuel levels and sudden fuel level changes for safety and for fuel use optimization. The connection of fuel sensors and clearly presented calibration tables will produce the excellent graphic readings on fuel levels and analysis on fill and drain. Push notifications to smartphone APP or email  inform you instantly when fuel levels change drastically. These readings allow to match fuel use to drivers and facilitate billings by admin.

Tax savings is something nobody says ‘no’ to. It is a matter of sorting and differentiating runs and trips between private and business trips so that the correct work trip kilometers can be claimed. This avoids discrepancies, validates correct tax deductions and results in dollar savings as all trips are automatically logged. They can then be easily grouped and allocated by kilometers driven, location and time.

monitor fuel consumption, prevent fuel theft, instant alerts

Enabling Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) helps avoid collisions. This requires a setup where sensors and onboard cameras scan the vehicle surrounding at all times and supply the driver and management team in the office with early and pre-emptive warning of dangers ahead. Such sophisticated systems can help avoid incidents and make the driver more intuitive with the behaviour of other drivers and his vehicle in all conditions. The points observed by the ADAS system are most points where danger could potentially occur:  lane departure warning, forward collision warning, warning on highlights, cruise control and more….. All data can be relayed back to the office for reports, management and correction of workflow to keep fleet and fleet drivers safe on the roads.

Driver ID and Driver journal are part of authorized vehicle access which protects your fleet and working vehicles from unauthorized use. If more than one driver use the vehicle the driver ID setup lets you view who is driving the vehicle at which time and date. It also observes if rest and work regulations are being followed. These GPS parameters make it easy for the fleet owner and admin staff to determine the real-time status of vehicles and drivers at any interval. It helps with payment of work hour calculations, observations of shift changes and rest periods. Learn about every shift change and set alert notifications on e-mail of shift in/out, SOS button, speeding, harsh driving.

avoid accidents and emergencies, lane departure warning, forward collision warning

Schedule fleet vehicle service and maintenance times in order to keep your fleet vehicles in optimal condition and prevent breakdowns and vehicle downtime. A detailed job list can be set up, based on kilometers driven, date and engine hours. Notifications can be sent to APP or to email to remind of upcoming service scheduled. All logged services can be checked,  saved and printed.

Enable automatic route planning and optimize driving and delivery times by setting most convenient route. Your GPS tracking platform takes into account upcoming bottle necks and road blocks and route can be altered to avoid delays. Admin staff can get notified of altered route planning and ETA by push notification to APP or email.

Flawless work flow, optimized and streamlined fleet use resulting in safety for drivers, preservation of fleet machines and vehicles. Help with work hour calculations and expenditures with clear on-screen graphics and visuals and printable reports for your files and analysis.

Automatic Route Planning

Promote Excellent Driver Safety

Tax Saving Deductions

Eco Driving Safety

Schedule Vehicle Service Lists

Driver ID - Driver Journal