GPS Applications For Patient and Medical Transport

GPS trackers can assist within seconds to show location and availability of the closest ambulance, patient transport and emergency service. Fast response times can save lives. Automate route optimization  and allow intuitive GPS data to check and allocate fastest route back to the emergency rooms.

Increase efficiency and emergency response. Install IN-APP-CHAT for direct two-way communication with all important parties and avoid unnecessary delay. All communication can be read out loud so that driver does not get distracted.

Create smart task lists for therapists and healthcare workers, grouped by urgency. The lists will display on personnel smartphones and routes to house call appointments can be automated for fastest route. All displayed schedules and tasks come with complete details of the job, driving routes and other valuable comments to facilitate the carer’s job.

Carer’s client database can be created or uploaded to the system for job allocation, address details and for planning trips between customers. Payroll and work time calculations can be extracted from the tracking platform and integrated into a third party application for processing.

Put in place plugins that allow to share the location of medical staff and doctors, displaying the nearest doctor in the customer’s area. Clients will feel peace of mind that they can locate help nearby when required.

Employ the digital reporting feature. All documentation can be filled in digitally, sent within seconds and kept safely on file.  Smart order forms shortcut the order and sales process by feeding straight back to admin. All trips will be automatically logged for reports and for processing. This allows medical staff more time to focus on their customers rather than dealing with trails of paperwork. Efficiency in procedures and work processes is cost saving and allows for more intensive customer attention.

Protect pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive delivery transports by applying sensors into the transport vehicles. The sensors, in tandem with the GPS unit and the telemetry platform will monitor the temperatures according to set parameters. If any deviation occurs instant alerts will be forwarded to the office or to the driver, either by email or push notification to the smartphone. Instant alerts allow for fast corrective action, avoiding costly damage to sensitive deliveries.


Mapping Medical Services

Digital Forms & Reports

Smart Task Scheduling

Temperature & Humidity Control

Minimize Response Times